Wide vs Vertical video

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Wide vs Vertical Video

When creating videos for your brand, it’s important to know what you would like in return when people view them.

Vertical videos have become increasingly popular on IG with reels and now even Facebook as well as Youtube with shorts in the same format.

On the flip side, if you plan on uploading videos to your YouTube, posting on your website or even considering creating a video longer than one minute and thirty seconds, you may want to consider asking your video production company to shoot in a wide aspect ratio.

With wide video you still can explore the option of creating vertical videos from your wide angle videos, but it may come at the expense of some image quality.

Me personally, I’m still a wide shooter as I feel everything in the frame is important to tell a story but you must do the research and figure out what would be best for you in your business.

I hope these tips are helpful when investing in professional videography. The key is really thinking and planning out the use of these videos to get the most out of your investment. Follow for more ways to increase the value of your productions.