Hi, I am Jared Smedley

As a creative/artist since the age of 12, I believe my talent has always been reflected in my work. Growing up in Northern California I have had the opportunity to build a solid foundation in audio engineering and video production.  My parents bought me my first keyboard and I was off into audio engineering using 4 track tascams, Alexis adat machines, cubase and protools. Of course within the music industry clothing and music videos follows. After moving away from my music career and getting into fashion, I found a need for photography and video to keep my products in the public eye. Rather than pay someone weekly and/or monthly, I decided to pickup a camera on my own and the rest is history.

Since founding Blendz Media Company LLC, I've grown immensely as a video creator and photographer (endless hours of practice) in hopes to one day to build one of the most prestigious production facilities that Northern California has ever seen!

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“Jared is a true professional. I
needed headshots, last second,
for an Awards event for work.
He was able to fit me
in and produced some excellent
shots. Would recommend in a
heartbeat. Thanks Jared!”