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Things to consider like trying to create an email list, soliciting a new product of service to convert into a sale, creating brand awareness for future customers or just for the sake of creativity. 

With anyone of these you want to make sure that you are giving time and consideration to the direction of the video.

If looking to ask for an email address, it may be helpful to provide value in your video to setup the call to action for filling out your form. Example, if I view a video that convincing lets me know that I can increase my videographer skills by 10% and they then ask for my email to give me more information, I’m more inclined to fill out their form.

If soliciting your product and/or service, you may need to focus of catchy marketing tactics that resonate with you viewers and make them want to spread the word to other people that they may know. A very good read on this topic is “Contagious by Jonah Berger.

I hope these tips are helpful when investing in professional videography. The key is really thinking and planning out the use of these videos to get the most out of your investment. Follow for more ways to increase the value of your productions.